About Llamas

Llama facts

  • Llamas are one of the oldest domesticated species in the world having been used for transporting goods for over 5,000 years in the Andes
  • To feed two llamas for a year costs about $300-$400 depending on hay prices and pastures.
  • Llamas prefer not to spit! it is usually directed at each other, not humans, and is about food, mating or herd hierarchy. Spitting is a last resort for them as it tastes terrible!
  • Llamas can carry a pack, but are not built to ride.
  • A llamas average lifespan is 18-20 years.
  • Llama fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, hollow and warm! They produce superb quality fiber. (wool)
  • Llamas do not need a set feeding time, require minimal daily maintenance and are easy on pastures.
  • Llamas greet each other and humans nose to nose!
  • Llamas are highly intelligent, cooperative, calm, tolerant and trusting.
  • Llamas are gentle and shy by nature, they do not bite and seldom kick.
  • Llamas are social—you need to own at least 2.
  • Llamas are respectful of fencing and easy to transport and keep.

Llamas need:

  • Other llama friends; llamas are very social
  • An acre is advised for 2-3 llamas to graze and roam
  • To be sheared once a year
  • A shelter for protection from extreme weather
  • Their toenails trimmed on a regular basis
  • Access to fresh water, they only drink about a gallon a day
  • Shade or fans to keep cool in the summer
  • Low protein hay and feed