Llama Treks—$50.00/ person

Includes the tour as well.

Walking a llama is more therapeutic than one might think!  It is a totally Zen experience that you will remember all your life and want to share with your friends over and over again!

Our llama treks include educational information about how to walk them and some little-known facts about llamas.  Your trek will take approximately 45 minutes, and include a tour of the farm.


Farm Tours—$20/person

Children 3 and under Free! This also includes a 10% discount in the gift shop, to be used the day of the visit. 

Our farm tours are a great way to get up close and personal with these magical, intriguing animals.  Each tour includes a walk through of the barns, interacting with the animals, educational information about the animals, and brushing a llama.

Your Visit Is Important To Us!

We want your visit to our farm to be fun and safe. Each tour is private with only your family and group. Please wear shoes that are comfortable, and preferably no open toes. This is a very interactive experience. If your children are afraid of animals, it is best to wait until they are older, or they outgrow that fear, as this is an upclose and personal experience. Toddlers need to stay in strollers for their safety.

A credit card is needed to reserve your visit. It will not be charged until you arrive, however if you do not give us a 24 hour notice of cancellation, you will be charged the full price of the tour. Please arrive ON TIME. If you are late, your tour will be shortened to accommodate our next group.

Call to Schedule Your Event Today!

 (717) 459-3414

Your event and visit to our farm is important to us. Speaking with you personally will give us the opportunity to communicate with you and find out a little more about your family and friends that may be coming with you. For events, we want to be sure we cover all the bases and make it memorable. Please call us so we can make your visit tailored to your needs!

We would love to host your event at our farm! Please contact us for pricing and available dates.

Birthday Parties

What could be easier than having a birthday party at the farm! No matter what age, people love unusual settings and outdoor fun!  Weather permitting, we can accommodate up to 25 people, and turn your event into a day to remember.

Depending on the age your party will include some educational information about the animals, a chance to interact with them, feed them, touch them and walk them.

A goody bag to take home will be included!

Balloons, and decorations will be provided by us.

Home-School Group

With homeschooling becoming more popular among parents and children, field trips are always an adventure that children love.  Educating them about our animals, their place of origin, and the benefits of owning them and how to use the fiber they provide, are part of our homeschool educational tours.  Each educational visit will include children intermingling with the animals, brushing them, feeding them and a take home souvenir.

(One adult chaparone must attend per every 5 children.)